We offer a wide choice of coffins including willow, cardboard (with various designs), seagrass, bamboo, banana leaf and other eco-friendly and contemporary coffins.

The willow coffins are available in brown or white willow, can be made in an oval or traditional coffin shape and can have coloured bands on some of the styles.

The willow coffins can be decorated with greenery or flowers in accordance with the families’ wishes.
We can use a personal design provided by the family or create artwork for the coffin to reflect the hobby or interest of the deceased for the contemporary style coffin.

Natural or Woodland Burials

A Woodland Burial provides a natural alternative to a traditional cemetery or churchyard.  With an ever increasing choice of Woodland Burial Grounds, having a green burial is becoming a more popular choice.  There is a focus on preserving the natural beauty of the woodland environment and encouraging native wildlife and flowers.  Generally gravestones or permanent graveside memorials are not permitted, but sometimes a wooden marker is allowed or the planting of a memorial tree nearby or in a memorial glade.

We are pleased to be able to offer our wooden cart upon request, which is an alternative way to convey the coffin to the graveside. 
The cart can also be decorated with greenery and/or flowers to match the coffin.

Most Woodland Burial Grounds will insist on using coffins that are environmentally friendly.  The coffin or casket must be made of biodegradable material, either wood, woven materials such as willow or seagrass or cardboard.  As far as possible the use of embalming or other preservatives is discouraged.

We work closely with the nearby Woodland Burial Grounds at Barton, near Cambridge and Brinkley, near Newmarket, Suffolk.